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Welcome to La Van Mallorca Private Chef services! Whether you're hosting a dinner party, a celebration, or simply craving a gourmet meal in the comfort of your own home, our team of chefs are here to create a culinary experience for you and your guests. With a focus on using locally sourced ingredients and making our guests feel at ease, we strive to deliver delicious flavours and excellent service. Sit back, relax, and indulge in a dining experience with La Van Mallorca Private Chef services.



For special occasions, La Van Mallorca offers a service with Asian influences, using local and seasonal produce where possible while showcasing modern cooking styles. Creating a service that is refined whilst also relaxing and welcoming for those extra special occasions.

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Mallorca is popular for it's laid back lifestlye and the wonderful mediteranean produce. Here we offer food tours for local restaurants and markets and offer menus that are reflective of the sharing and family focused lifestyle of the mediterranean.

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There are more and more South American influences appearing across Mallorca and also mainland Spain with many chefs from these countries calling Mallorca home and inspiring Chefs with their regional cooking. La Van Mallorca offers a contemporary take on South American Food with some local touches.

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Part of the appeal of Private Chef Services is the opportunity to enjoy delicious carefully created dishes while you relax at your pool or villa with precious time being able to be spent with your friends and family instead of worrying what to cook for dinner.

We understand that although this sounds ideal and it would be perfect to have these services each night that sometimes all you need is just a little help i getting started

For this reason - La Van Mallorca offers a provisioning service that can be ordered individually or combined with our private chef services - giving you the best of Mallorca's produce delivered to your door and our Chefs available throughout to cook for those special occasions

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With over six years of experience on the beautiful island of Mallorca, we have developed a deep understanding of its seasonal produce and local suppliers. Mallorca is known for its abundance of fresh and flavorful ingredients, and we take pride in showcasing the best that the island has to offer. From juicy citrus fruits to fragrant herbs and locally sourced seafood, we know where to find the finest ingredients that truly capture the essence of Mallorca.

Our flexibility is what makes us stand out in the private chef scene of Mallorca. We understand that our clients want to savour the flavours of the island throughout their stay and that not every night a five course tasting meal is what is wanted.


KM-0 -Supporting Local Businesses

From 2024 La Van Mallorca is making a conscious effort to introduce new cooking methods that promote fair working conditions, support local businesses and farmers and also cooking practices that result in us making a real difference from small actions now to hopefully bigger things in the future.

From tackling food waste through our association with various shelters to our collaboration with local charities to donate funds to create memories for those who also rely on the island.

We believe that the tourism of the island should have a positive impact on the island and those that come here can know that by using our services that they are helping to support the local economy

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"La Van, Mallorca - catered two fantastic evenings of food for a celebration we held over a weekend in Mallorca. With only 2 weeks notice they came up with delicious, reasonably priced menus and delivered two fantastic events. The team worked incredibly hard to not only create a wonderful party atmosphere through lighting, flowers etc - they also catered and managed the bar brilliantly."

"La Van, Mallorca was recommended to us while we were visiting the island last year. Delicious food and very friendly staff will definitely make any occasion a very special experience. Thank you La Van Mallorca."

"10000 thanks for the dinner yesterday. Everyone is talking about your job yesterday the whole day! You have done sooo an amazing job, more than we ever expected!"

"La Van catered two meals for our wedding and it would not have been the tremendous success that it was without them. From their responsiveness during the planning stages to the quality of the food and staff during the meals, I can't say enough good things. Everything was top notch, they went above and beyond. I look forward to using La Van again for other occasions and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."

"The food was AMAZING. La Van Mallorca were really friendly and went the extra mile to make sure we had everything we needed, truly incredible service. Will definitely be back the next time we’re on holiday DELICIOUS!""

"Super great and friendly service! The VAN provided catering for me for a birthday party and the food quality and portions were superb. If you are looking for great food and quality people look no further! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

We strive to provide exceptional experiences that are both affordable and unforgettable, allowing our clients to make the most of their stay on this beautiful island.

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To talk through your event and for further information and also menu examples. Please e-mail Us direct!, fill out the form below or call us/Whatsapp us direct to see how we can bring your ideas to the next level!